Part of what keeps people removed from spirituality at times is that in order to accept the good that comes from a conscious spiritual lifestyle, we also have

to accept that the opposite exists in the same realm. Just as there are opposing forces here on earth, there also exists the conflict of the heavens. This is the battle between good and evil.

There are actually forces of light and forces of darkness both fighting to overcome the other. These instances occur on both a large and small scale. They occur between people and they occur between nations. The division and the distinction between the two can be challenging to decipher as both can appear during darkness.

The only way to gain hold and conclude which is which, is to know your own truth. Keep focus of what is real to you and you will be able to identify illusions and misconceptions. If something does not feel right to you inside, know that it is okay to question why. Your biggest weapon is your instinct. Your most powerful shield is your intuition. Use those forces to identify conflicts of interests and determine good from evil.

Sometimes removing ourselves from the conflict, or the person we have in question is necessary as it allows us to separate our voice from theirs. When you do this, pay very close attention to your own responses, emotions, and energies. Do you feel more balanced? Do you feel in tuned to yourself and surroundings? Do you feel like blockages have been removed? Are you able to think clearly? How is your health when you are removed from the conflict? All of these questions will allow you to analyze the situation and determine what conflicts are in existence. Then take a look at your answers. If you felt blocked around someone, ask yourself why. If there was a situation that made you feel ill, then look for the cause.

Your goal is to obtain a higher level of good for yourself and the world around you. By thinking before we act, we can honestly address those in our immediate and surrounding circles that deplete our energy instead of replenishing it. Everyone is susceptible to evil and negativity; no one is immune to its torment. The only solution is to maintain a conscious awareness of your goals, both present and future. When in doubt, take refuge in silence until further action can be carried out. Remember your path and remember your truth as both will lead you towards good.