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Broke free of my darkness

Meilena is the most profound and genuine experience I have had. I have been able to break free of a lot of darkness because of her, and that is priceless. Such a blessing she is.

Enormous help in a very confusing time

Meilena’s intuitive sense of the question I had and the layers of obstacles she brought up provided me with much needed clarity. The way she broke up the reading provided feedback from several angles addressing both long and short term issues. I appreciate the finely tuned reminders of the resources that are available to help me on the way. I already knew I was on my way to something, but having Meilena come along and point out the paths I can take and the places to get support was an enormous help in a very confusing time!

Everything resonated with me to be true

Thank you for the reading. It was very informative. I didn’t think I would get so much information from a chat session but there was much information that I received and with detail. Everything resonated with me to be true.

No tools needed for connection

Hmmm. No tools. Just first names and the info just flowed. Resonated with everything the Guides imparted. The connection was so so comfortable. Will definitely return.

Very detailed and correct

Very detailed and was correct about the work situation. Saw some little details with respect to the guy which were accurate as well .

Tremendous blessing in my life

Reverend Meilena has been a tremendous blessing in my life. The Karmic band healing sessions and the Chakra balancing have helped in amazing ways that I could never have imagined. This is my 4th reading with her and I am forever grateful for her wisdom, her support and her light. I am so honestly thankful that I know her and that I am able to reach out to her when I am in doubt.

I have been working with healers and psychics for 25 years and Meilena is by far the best.

Meilena has a special gift to connect with spirit ~ and your being and spirit .She meets it all and see the truth of any given situation.  Her insight, advice, and clarity are by far the best I’ve had and are grounded in each situation.  I have been utilizing her for quick and deep connection to gain clarity on situations and emotional turbulence as I’m going through transitions. I have been working with healers and psychics for 25 years  and  Meilena is by far the best. ~ spot on ~ from deep spiritual connection to being grounded in right actions . After a reading she will send healing energy which also stabilized me to be able to relax and hold a new outlook and calmness. She is a a great healer, psychic who’s grounded in truth and right spiritual action , and I find her to be delightful and the best of the best.

High voltage connection to the other side

Some times you just need a wee bit of validation that you’re on the right track. Other times you need a bright light shined on your journey. Meilena has the accuracy and precision to provide validation; and she has the high voltage connection to the other side to provide illumination and guidance for the dark patches. If you are lucky enough to get a reading with her, you will treasure it, as I do.

I plan to continue to leverage her amazing abilities

I’ve had several readings with Meilena and each time I’m left wanting more. I generally think of Meilena whenever there’s something I need clarity on, and she’s always able to deliver just the message I need. Extremely intuitive and personable, I plan to continue to leverage her amazing abilities for years to come!

Everything she has ever seen has happened and unfolded

She really is Amazing. I have been speaking with her for almost a year and everything she has ever seen has happened and unfolded. It wasnt always the best news, but the truth is what we are all seeking.

Very much the real deal

She is Amazing Worth every penny. When you want to communicate with someone who's passed. Meilena is the one to call, very much the Real Deal. Thank you so much for the other day Meilena. It was beautiful to talk with Mom. My new friend, You're the Best.

No sugar coating

Great insight, no sugar coating. Will tell you what you need to hear.

Quick connection

She was able to connect to me quickly and was actually saying things to me that I have been thinking for myself.

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